Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And yet another foot update...

Okay, so I went to my foot Dr.'s yet again to see what we were going to do. He basically acted the exact same way he did at my first appt. As a matter of fact he gave me the same schpeal as the first time. He talked about medication and I finally said "wait, I've been on the medication for almost 2 weeks, and it's doing NOTHING!" So he then says "Oh, okay" So, he continues that I can try orthodics, get cortisone shots, or surgery. But it's totally up to me. He wasn't telling me anything else. So I say, orthodics could or couldn't fix the issue and since my insurance doesn't cover them I'd be paying $300.00 to "maybe' fix my problem. Cortisone shots, would only be a temporary fix. So obviously surgery would be the way to go. Right? He says thats up to you. I'm wanting to hit the guy by now. This is your job to help me figure out what needs to be done right? So then his nurse fills me in on the surgery more. I would need to take a week off of work for the first week, because supposedly its not good to come to work on pain killers (who knew?) I wouldn't be able to drive for 2 weeks b/c its my right foot. (I already drive like a psycho, it might be in my favor to drive with my left) Then the nurse tells me that I will have a wire inserted in my foot and in two weeks after surgery they would remove it in the office. (I know!) But reassured me that it doesn't hurt at all. Because Im sure she's had this done, right! So needless to say I am going to see another Dr. and get a second opinion, My hubby thinks I should see a sports medicine dr. that could possibly give me better options or at least help me out a little better as to what's best for my situation. Me on the other hand I want to get this show on the road so I can get back to running. It's going to be getting nice out and I'm going to be sitting outside wishing I could run!!!

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