Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Foot Update

So I went to my foot Dr. yesterday, to find out that I have a bunionette. Not a bunion, but a bunion-ette lol. I have always thought that a bunion was a type of callus or something and its so not. A bunion is bigger and on the inside of your foot and a bunionette is on the outside by your pinky toes. He said I also have a bunion on the same foot but its not bad. He took some x-rays and then filled me in on what procedures he could do. First of course are the meds. I have 2 perscriptions that I have to take to hopefully make it stop hurting and not swelled anymore. He said I would have to be getting orthodics. They do shots too, which I wouldn't need right then, but possibly next time. (YIKES) Then would be surgery where he would cut a pie shape out of my bone and then I would have to wear a cast or shoe thing and be on crutches. I am scared to death because he made it sound like this could really be a possibility. I have never had surgery besides my tonsils when I was in second grade. I am also a big baby lol. Oh and my main bitch, I can't run for like 4 days. This is a HUGE issue for me because I was doing so good with my running and now this. Which I guess I want it to be all done and over with. I have Relay for Life coming up the end of May, and I want to be able to walk with no problems. Last year, I had bronchitis and my dr. told me NOT to walk in it at all. I still did though b/c I got all caught up in the whole experience. Plus there were people there that had is way worse than me. So I will keep updates coming with my stupid foot. On a good note, I am maintaining my ll lbs. down, so that's good right? :)

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