Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Damn Foot

Okay, okay I know its been almost a week and I got everyone all pumped up for me to run 5 miles straight or whatever. I have been having this foot "issue". I am affraid to put my shoes on let alone run right now. It has developed this "bulge" on the outside of my foot that is so painful. I do have a dr.'s appointment today. I am secretly scared he's going to tell me he has to drain shit out of it. :( I will cry seriously. I go today at 4:00, I am hoping he will have it all fixed so I can actually run and kick some ass. It is really killing me not to be running, because I feel like I'm going backwards, after my mile straight run. I will stay focused and motivated and keep kicking my own ass lol. This whole foot issue isn't fun though because I can tell that I am walking differant and its starting to hurt my whole foot. At first I thought that I was just being a wuss and it was apart of running, but then I actually checked it out and I knew that it's not normal for it to look like that. I feel like Adam Sandler in Mr. Deed's with the crazy foot. (It's not THAT BAD I swear, but I am affraid it will end up like that. If I don't get it taken care of) I will update my freaky foot issue, when I find out what the funk it is. I hope its not a tumah!!!!!

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Brittany said...

OMG, if you have dead black crazy foot, PROMISE you will let me stab at it with a fireplace poker. PROMISE!